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15th Anniversary Heartwood Creek

Here’s a short video shot in my studio discussing a pair of new designs commemorating the 15th anniversary of my Heartwood Creek collection. These pieces have some pretty interesting elements geared specifically to the occasion, take a look and let me know what you think. And just so you know I look exactly the same now as I did in 2002! Well… maybe not. But I can dream!


by Lorraine R Birkenmaier

I am so glad that we have Jim Shore and that he shares his many talents.
I would like to know just what the process is to make one of his creations.
Does Mr. Shore do all the carving out of wood on his creation and then turns it
over to someone else who makes the finish out of resin, and then this person
makes multiples from the original design.
I ask this because I don’t know how it could be humanly possible to be
able to Offer so many of his masterpieces on the shopping program.

God Bless Jim Shore and his family.


by Juli

What wonderful figurines to celebrate such an amazing milestone! Congrats to Mr. Shore, the Shore family, the Heartwood Creek family and the Enesco family for such wonderful artistic collaborations that bring such joy! A toast to the next fifteen years of amazing art!