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Announcing Jim's 2019 Signing Events Tour!

I love to travel. It’s always fun and different and I always learn something new on every trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s my tenth time to Disneyland or the first time to Atlantic City, NJ, it’s all great. So I get excited when we start putting together my signing event schedule for the year. Love the idea of me being the “New Arrival” at a store near you!

But more than just the travel, I love the chance to meet and talk with the people I actually work for. I can get pretty isolated alone in a studio every day. It gets my creative juices flowing to hear your thoughts about your favorite subjects or color choices. And you’d be surprised to hear just how much of my finished art starts out in that kind of conversation! Here’s a short video with more about the schedule and what it means to me. I hope to see you at one of my events this year!

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Margaret Locken

I have collected Jim Shore for years and each year I get a new Santa. I also collect Disney, especially Alice in Wonderland. I love his work and wish he would come back to Walt Disney World.

by Janet

Love Jim Shore pieces. Wish you would do a signing in Atlanta.

by Diane Jago

Luv him shore I have so many different pieces I wish I could have them all now I want the DC ones Batman Superman your work is awesome ❤️

by Dena Marks

I absolutely love Jim Shore and his pieces. I have been a collector for many years. Thank you for giving me such joy over the years.

Dena Marks