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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The RoseOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the struggle faced by the women and their loved ones fighting this terrible disease.  And it’s a time for all of us to search our hearts and minds to find a way to help.  This fight is personal, hits all of us close to home, we all know someone stricken with Breast Cancer.  And for me it boils down to some pretty simple truths.  Life is precious, an unimaginable gift.  The fight against Breast Cancer is a fight for life.  We can all play a part in the fight.  And together we can win.

My new Breast Cancer Awareness Angel with Heart was inspired by the women in my life who face cancer every day with a strength of spirit and determination I can only admire.  Proceeds from the sale of this design will be donated to The Rose, an organization dedicated to providing early screening and quality health care to those suffering from the disease.  Regardless of economic status.  I am proud to be associated with The Rose and their heroic efforts in the fight against Breast Cancer. I encourage you to find out more about this incredible organization

God bless