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Colorful Birds

I like to surround myself with color, particularly this time of year when winter seems to drag on and the days are short and dreary. Just an accent here or there can make a big difference in my mood! That’s one of the reasons I like these guys. A splash of life and color to remind that the world is beautiful and spring is on the way. Take a look.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Varenia Barkus

Lost all jim shore in camp Fire in northern California. Have replace some. Looking at your
angels gives you a smiles. Would like to replace
for my mom St Francis for her garden.

by Joan Gibala

I discovered a broken Rivers End figurine in a thrift shop. It’s Enesco item #4051554 copyrighted in 2015 by Jim Shore Design, Inc. It appears to be a turtle made into a pot with a lid. It’s missing what might have been a tail or handle. Does anyone have a picture of the figureine? I’d love to see the whole figureine..

by Renee Stone

I got a foot of snow today in central New York.