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Davy Jones

I had a great time at Disney World last week, thanks to everyone for coming out! It was quite a crowd! And there was a lot of buzz about Pirates of the Caribbean! Understandable with a new movie coming out and the 50th anniversary of the ride this summer. I’m looking forward to both! Here’s a short video of me talking about my favorite Pirates character and the design he inspired. I mean, Captain Jack is great and all, but for jaw-dropping on-screen presence you can’t beat Davy Jones!


by Cathy Ann Dewar

Mr. Shore you created the best piece ever! Please, please do some more from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Not all of us gals are “princess” people and but love everything pirate. This Halloween I’m putting up my pirate villages and displays where, of course, Davy Jones will be featured. I know that everyone loves Jack, but from a female perspective I would kill for a Will Turner figure. I really love your work, I’m a snowman collector so I have a good number of those, but my real passion is for Halloween. My friend gave me my favorite piece, The Demon, and of course I have a number of the Nightmare Before Christmas and other Halloween pieces too. I know you seem to like to do witch figures, I have some and the spell book is great, but if you ever do some like a werewolf howling at the moon, or other traditional Halloween monsters, I’ll buy every one. It can not be too macabre for me! If you ever get permission to do any characters from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings people like me would go nuts!
I love this site and I have told my friends in our collecting club all about it. Keep up the amazing work! Cathy Ann

by Juli

Based on the live action movie Pirates of the Caribbean movie this piece is fantastic! Portrayed by the great Bill Nighy. Leonardo DaVinci was the basis for the concept design of this character. I think Jim Shores design for Disney Traditions on this piece is such a departure as it’s dark and brooding, there’s nothing sweet about this its just a great sculpt painted really well. Captain of the Flying Dutchman! His one true love is ….Calypso! So cool! I couldn’t wait for this piece once I saw the concept sketch Jim Shore released just prior to the preorders from Jim shore authorized retailers in September 2016. There are only two figs done by Jim shore so far for pirates of the Caribbean one for the ride ..Jail Scene and this one not including all The Disney Traditions classic characters like Minnie and Mickey dressed up as pirates! This figurine came out officially in February 2017 and sold out right away but no worries they did another rerelease on March 15, 2017 and you can currently pick him up for $60.00 on Jimshore.com. I’m not sure why he’s not on disneystore.com but maybe closer to the movie release date he’ll show up there as well so keep an eye out. Isn’t he just bananas! This piece is called Devil of the Seas! His beard tentacles that he uses like fingers to manipulate objects and help play his pipe organ are perfect …..I was surprised that there was no the Dead Man’s Chest key in his tentacles or the actual chest sculpted with him but that would have been predictable and Mr. Shore always does the unexpected. It does have some nice beach accents like barnacles, shells and sand on the base as well as a pirates flag etched on the front. This piece is all about the character.-that great sac bulges out from under the back of his barnacle-encrusted tricorne which was a great detail. The amazing detail on his great navy coat so blue it’s almost black all trimmed in this great gold looking like embroidery…barnacles and aquatic flora and fauna..seaweed just dripping all over him! He has no nose, instead has one short, hollow tentacle called a siphon on the side of his face that he breathes through…I’m sure you all remember that scene of him smoking the pipe….what great effects indeed Oscar deserving. A crustacean style claw for his left arm, a long tentacle in place of the index finger on his right hand that wraps creepily down that famous cane. Now for you d23 members out there put your mouse ears on because I have a question….the only cane in the movies was the cane as you well remember was once owned by the evil lord cutler Beckett of the east India trading company not just a walking stick but a tool of intimidation an supposedly has a branding iron with a P carved at the top of it for Pirate Cutler …..so does that mean Jones commandeered so he could never use it again on another pirate ? only souls of Buccaneers taken to his ship?…but maybe I’m just reading to much into it and of course his great Scottish broadsword. What did sir Thomas Faye say…..“Though encrusted and decaying, Jones’s sword could still cut swiftly and cleanly.” And finally his gloriously creepy right leg peg leg/crab leg. Overall amazing fig as not many Pirates of the Caribbean figures out there’s..I hope this will mean more figurines are in the works as personally I would love to see..Disney traditions make…One…Jack Sparrow, …preferably with compass and rum bottle …pointing both hands in opposite directions in some inebriated pose! Two..bootstrap bill turner….carved into the ships hold of the Flying Dutchman…and my final wish a Pintel and Ragetti…running with the dead mans chest…with Ragetti holding his eye…..awesome!

by Juli

Hey Cathy Ann your wish has come true! A new Disney Traditions Pirates of the Caribbean piece by Mr. Shore is being released for the big D23 Expo July 14-16 2017 at the Anaheim covention center its the Pirate hanging off the cannon. Great piece to add to your collection! Pictures of it are up in the Disney group here on the circle of friends site and more pictures in the Pirates of the Caribbean forum in the same group! We hope you’ll share pictures of your collection soon, it’s sounds wonderful!…………………….fav quote “You are without a doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.” (James Norrington) “But you have heard of me.” – Jack Sparrow lol