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DC Comics

Like most everyone I grew up on Batman, Superman and the other great characters of DC Comics. They were the heroes (and villains!) of our youth, not perfect but closer than most! It’s an honor to have my art associated with these guys… and a whole lot of fun! Here’s a short video with more about my new DC Comics collection.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Toni Child

I almost have all of the DC Comics. In fact all the ones I do have been signed by you. And I will be getting the 2 I don’t have soon. The question I have for you Mr. Shore is will you be designing any of the DC Villans to go with the Super Hero’s that you have made? When /if you do please let me know. Because I’ll be your first customer. Thanks for all of you wonderful imagination.
Toni Child

by Rita Bock

I love your pieces. I Have every holiday and it is such a happy to give to friends and family. Just beautiful so homey done with love. Thank you, for sharing your talent with me I love to sit and just look at my different holiday pieces.