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Disney Princess Surprise
I love surprises, finding something unexpected or unusual. They keep us on our toes and stimulate the imagination. And if nothing else they’re just plain fun! One of the ways I like to create surprises in my art is with color, a splash of bright purple where you wouldn’t expect to see it... or maybe a hint of orange that draws the eye and adds some energy to the design. Here’s a different sort of color surprise, something I think you’ll like. It has to do with Sleeping Beauty and her ball gown. Take a look and let me know what you think!


by Jane

What a cool added surprise! I ordered it as a Christmas gift for my daughter so still in the box. I hope she got the pink version- but either color- it’s a beautiful piece she’ll love adding to her collection!

by Natalia Whitaker

Wow! So wonderful! Great idea with variety. It’s like winning the “golden ticket” in Willy Wonka! Please do another piece with this option.

by Bree Burton

These are absolutely gorgeous. All your work is! I’ve been collecting your Disney Princesses for years. I am having a daughter of my own, and I cannot wait to decorate her room with them. Beautiful work.

by Ann Obar

It is beautiful, my favorite has always been the blue dress. She has been my favorite Princess since I was a little girl, I look for her in her blue dress only.

by Happily Disney Obsessed

I already have the blue dress pre-ordered but now I wish the pink one was also an open release so I could make sure I own one haha I am sure I am not the only one to feel this way. Hopefully the secondary market price isn’t too bad, Thank you for making it regardless, Great Surprise!!!! I can’t wait to hunt one down =) Beautiful!! Hope an Ariel and Eric Dancing piece of this size is coming =D

by BRian

I hate this idea. I have hundreds of Jim shore pieces. We all know you’ll have to pay crazy eBay prices for this.most stores probably will go through them all. At minimum you should have sealed the boxes. Very dissapointed.

by Janie Rolland

I will be buying this piece for my Granddaughter. Hope she opens the box and it’s PINK!

by jean-pierre Blavier

superbe c`est un travail d`orfèvre qu`elle précision dans les détails vous ne cesserez jamais de nous epater

by Pam Weiner

Another gorgeous Disney piece. Hopefully to see you at Disneyland this December.

by Sabrina Daub

Ooohhh the pink one is only my favorite.

by Lori rice

Love all the collections you have made

by Nancy De Steno

They both are just beautiful – I am a huge Cinderella fan, but I think I will try and get the Aurora in the pin dress – it really is beautiful. Thanks for all the pieces you have made, I just Love them.

by Leesah Marie Stapf

What a wonderful, creative and sweet idea! I hope everyone videotapes the box opening so we can see the reactions!

by Kathy Martin

It will be the PERFECT give for my daughter-in-law, she is an avid fan of Cinderella.

by Sherryl

I love all the Jim Shore pieces and have been collecting them for years. This Aurora figure is a great idea! Always loved the film and the battle of wills over the dress, so this will be a special piece for the lucky collectors. Thank you Mr Shore, for the beauty of your work. Each piece touches my heart in a special way!

by Sharon Perehudoff

Wow! They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing Jim Shore.

by Julie bristow

Aaaaaaaaah!! Yes yes yes thank you so much! Just can’t wait!