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Easter Greeting 2020

Easter is going to be a little different this year. We’ll have to do without some of the trappings, the big family gathering and the egg hunt with all the grandkids. But we are still blessed with the love we share… and the promise of redemption at the heart of the season. Here’s a short video with more. God bless, and happy Easter everyone!


by Kay Millar

Please Jim as a great collector of your beautiful Santa’s and snowmen oh also Angels, I think I have purchased about 90 since finding them last September and falling in love with them all. I am from the uk would you please please think of doing a Santa NHS Dr and Santa Nurse/ carer maybe with a percentage to NHS charities in the uk …. the same for the USA sadly so many Drs and nurses have died in all the countries from Covid 19. My friends who know how much I love Jim shore Santa’s and work in the NHS in intensive care think this would be fantastic. Just a thought … thank you

by Rochelle Rubino

Love that big bunny!

by Renate Goad

Sir I have a request. Some yrs ago I purchased your dark blue easter basket 🧺it said on the box a 5 pcs basket, however, it contained only 3 eggs. The styrofoam had 4 holes to store the eggs. Any possibility to purchase an extra egg??!!!