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New Exclusive Costco Santa

We counted them up a while back and came to the conclusion that I’d designed almost 5,000 Santas over the years. But the funny thing is he’s a subject I never tire of, I seem to just naturally approach each one as if it’s the first. Like this one here. I did this Santa exclusively for Costco, he’s big and bold (sort of like Costco) and I particularly like the LED candle he’s holding. Sort of adds some sparkle! Here’s a video with more on this Santa and the style I like to bring to them all. Take a look… and check out this guy at Costco.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Coral Haug Blanchard

Even with my very large Jim Shore Santa collection, I couldn’t pass this one up when I saw him in Costco before Christmas! See it? Grab it because there’s no guarantee he’ll be there next time you’re shopping in Costco especially this time of the year! The battery operated LED votive brings Mr. Claus alive and gives him a special warm glow. Besides the regular size Santas I’ve been fortunate enough to have purchased other 20+ inch Jim Shore Santas either online or in stores like Lowe’s. Each one is special in it’s own way. I love their faces and particularly their eyes! Thank you Mr. Shore for another wonderful piece!

by Andrea

Thank you for creating this beautiful Santa! My friend, knowing I love all things Jim Shore, especially Christmas, gave me this gorgeous Costco Santa for my birthday. Lucky me❤️❤️

by Trisha Mack

The bottom of the candle is not solid – its rubbery – even if it looks solid. If you use a butter knife, you can peel back the bottom. There’s a little phillips screw to unscrew. It takes one CR2032 battery.

by Patricia Rodriguez

How can I order this please!!! ???

by Robert Wyatt

My candle has stopped working and have no idea on how to replace it or if that’s even possible. Please help! Its a beautiful piece, but without the candle lit, it just isn’t the same.
Thank you
Robert D Wyatt

by Maureen Pauley

I bought one of these and sad that the LED candle doesn’t work. No opening to replace the battery. I see by the reviews at least one other customer has the same problem. I will keep him but not happy that the candle will not be lit.

by Susan lamprey

Saw it at our Costco a week ago, now it’s gone! Available still????

by Kim Lewis

Missed buying this AWESOME Santa at Costco. 😢 any chance of ordering one online? Thank You!

by Sheila McBride

Will this Santa be offered anywhere but at Costco?? All of the Costco stores in our local areas no longer have it and I cannot find it on Costco.com either….I would love to purchase it but cannot find it anywhere, can you help with this??
Thank You !

by Anna Dragonetti

I bought the Santa and love it but the light doesn’t work and I don’t know what to do to get a replacement light. It is a shame there is no quality control on it. I can’t even get the battery area to open up to look at the battery.

by Chelsey Dillard

He is gorgeous and I so hope I find him! I went to three different Costco stores today (while 9 months pregnant and with a 5 year old in tow) with no luck. Fingers crossed!

by Joyce Dawson

To Jackie Rose
Thank you for your help in ordering this Costco Santa. I had tried various ways without success until now. I ordered him as soon as I saw your instructions so now just have to wait for him. I will be adding him to my collection of close to 50 Jim Shore Santas (I have lost count until I get them all out closer to Christmas!).My husband says its an addiction and he’s probably right-but I just love their quality and uniqueness. Thanks again and I hope you see this comment. Joyce

by John

I loved this as soon as I saw it and already have this at home. My one concern is the candle which does not appear to have battery access. Is it possible to get spare candles or some way to update the battery?

by Jackie Rose

Hello Jim,

Received my Costco Santa Claus today and he is wonderful especially the price point. In Canada we pay more but still for the size he is worth it. To Joyce Dawson go onto Costco.ca and do a search for Jim Shore Santa Claus and he will come up. Place the order and in a few days he will be at your door. I received mine from Calgary and I live in Ontario. We do not have the Santa in our Costco as yet so I ordered him on line to be sure I received one. Thank you Jim for your wonderful creations. My Santa Claus looks great even though I have all my Jim Shore Halloween pieces out.

by Kate

My other half was in Costco… He puts up with the fire place mantel of Jim Shore Santa’s every Christmas. He picked one up for me… whoo whooo now I can decorate the hearth!!!!!

by Joyce Dawson

Would love to get this Costco Santa for my collection! Seems he is only available at Costco in the U.S. I live in Canada and they won’t ship here. What do others in Canada do??

by Kay Tabone

Hi Jim, Just saw you newsletter about Santa. Love it! I’m going to look for him this week. He’ll be an awesome addition to my collection.
Thank you Jim

by Kay Tabone

Hi Jim, Just saw you newsletter about Santa. Love it! I’m going to look for him this week. He’ll be an awesome addition to my collection.
Thank you Jim

by Maria Claudia Soler Tovar

Beatifull!!!! 😍👍

by Kathy Slavin

please create some figurine that depicts santa’s workshop and the elves and the village at the north pole, I am sure that no one could do this better than the very talented Jim Shore

by Jenny Lynn

Happy Holidays Jim & Family ~ When I look into your Santa faces, I truly see your smile beaming back at me Jim. You are “our” Folk Art Santa of the 21st Century. Though this Santa would almost push me out of my home, because of the many creations of yours I have, I think it’s wonderful that now so many can have access to your creativity, beauty & Joy that your heart & mind inspire through your glorious art. Thank you for making Costco a Jim Shore Holiday store for so many.

by Donna Cunningham

Went to Costco this morning and saw this Santa. Love the large size, colors , wreath and lighted candle. Purchased one. An awesome addition to our Jim Shore Christmas decor. Thank you Jim.

by Jackie Rose

Hello Jim,

I just received your newsletter with respect to your new Santa Claus being sold at Costco. I went on-line and ordered him right away before they sold out. I am so looking forward to receiving him. He will be a terrific addition to my collection of your Santa’s and Snowmen. I am from Canada and I keep my Santa with the Canada Goose out all year long. You are a wonderful craftsman.

by Sue Reddick

Jim, I was at Costco today and saw the Santa first hand! He is wonderful and when I get my payday I will go
back and buy him. He will be a wonderful addition to my Jim Shore Santa collection!