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Heart Figurine

Artists have a reputation for being over-the-top romantics, the kind of guys who would cut off their own ear or shower their loved one with poetry or such. I’m sure in some cases that’s true but that really doesn’t apply to me. When it comes to grand gestures that sweep a girl off her feet for something like Valentine’s Day I generally miss the mark. It’s just that when there’s a grand gesture involved I always try to incorporate something I find humorous or amusing (like the time I gave Jan “the kitchen sink” for Valentine’s). That’s always a big mistake.

My sense of humor can get me in trouble! So I’ve found for Valentine’s it’s always best to stick to the basics. No grand gestures or inside jokes. Just chocolates, roses or candlelit dinners. It’s safe. And more importantly it gets the meaning across. And if I want to add something fun or whimsical there’s always Disney! Or Snoopy! The characters are sweet and heartwarming, the sentiment crystal clear. You just can’t go wrong with either one! At least I haven’t yet…