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From the Heart Collection

I love what I do, I feel blessed every day that I’m able to pursue my passion to create. And for the most part I approach each subject the same way, I put as much care and attention to detail into a small Butterfly design as I do into a large Nativity set. That’s part of the fun for me, and it never gets old. But every now and then a special project comes along. Something exciting that’s beyond what I normally do, that makes me think new ways and explore new ideas. My new From the Heart collection did that for me. It’s about the important emotions and sentiments we all share, gifts for those moments in life that touch our hearts. It’s a subject that made me re-think what’s important in my life and in my art. And I love the execution, the color palette. It’s more subtle than my usual work so, these designs can fit in most any room of the home. Here’s a short video where I talk about. Take a look and watch for it to arrive in stores in February. I think you’ll see what I mean.