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Frosty the Snowman

Christmas is all about traditions, those that endure in today’s modern world and those we recall from a simpler time. It doesn’t get much simpler than when I was a young man raising a family! We didn’t have much, and what we had more or less went to the kids, what with food, clothes and doctors and the like. But we were happy! And those early Christmases with my daughters are memories I treasure, wouldn’t trade them for the world! One of those memories is watching Frosty the Snowman on TV, singing along with Jimmy Durante and watching as Frosty and his friends thwart Professor Hinkle on his way to a meeting with Santa and a trip to the North Pole. I’m happy to say we still watch it every year, with a new generation of granddaughters to delight. It’s one of those traditions that endures in my family, and I’m grateful to have it as a subject for my art! Here’s a short clip of me talking about my Frosty collection. It’s brand new this year, but I’m hoping it’ll be around for a long time to come!


by Donna G Fisher

Hi Jim. Your magnificent work is all over my house especially at the holidays. I have everyone of you Christmas snow globes, However, one of them has become merkey. The water is getting so cloudy I now hide it in the back. It’s my favorite one :( Do you repair them? I believe the seal must be bad. I say this because it’s the only one effected and I have several that are older.

by Melissa Jones

My tradition this year is a Jim Shore Peanuts Christmas. I love Oeanuts Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’ve captured the cutest of my memories in your art. My husband is no longer rolling his eyes each time a new piece shows up. He says it’s the best Christmas he’s had and I agree.

by Brendan Donovan

I love reading your blogs. I also love your products!!