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Great Summer Memories and Coca-Cola

In my house Coca Cola is a staple, just as much a necessity as bread, milk or eggs. When it comes to soft drinks my wife Jan will drink nothing else, and that goes for the kids and grandkids as well. So we’re head to toe loyal Coke fans, but that goes beyond what’s in the bottle or can. We love the advertising too! It’s a century long story that’s authentic and heartwarming, with characters and imagery we all grew up watching together. It’s a nostalgic reminder of time spent together and sweet memories of seasons past. And that holds especially true this time of year. Everyone remembers those iconic summertime scenes of Coke at the beach or after ballgames or with picnics in the park. They make you smile and thirsty at the same time!

Our family always looked forward to a summer trip to the shore (get it?), and drinking an ice cold Coke is a great part of those memories, right up there with playing in the waves with the kids. So these Coca Cola beach designs are special to me. That’s really the magic of these images, they’re universal in their appeal, but they strike a personal chord. Everyone recognizes them, but they mean something uniquely “me” to each one of us. It’s a connection that’s been going on for over a hundred years! So whether your Coke memories start with “Things go better with Coke” or “It’s the real thing” or “Coke adds life” or, my personal favorite, “Official soft drink of summer” I hope these new pieces bring a smile and fond memories to you like they do me. Enjoy!

God Bless,
Jim Shore