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Happy Halloween

I’m the sentimental type, particularly when it comes to holidays! I can get pretty emotional around those special occasions with family and friends. We love to throw holiday parties and the best part is always the interaction and laughs and shared memories that come when we all get together to celebrate. And I don’t play favorites! Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are the big ones of course, but at my house 4th of July or Labor Day can be just as fun. It’s really about the people, not the occasion. But there’s something special about Halloween. There’s a atmosphere that’s different from any other day. And you don’t have to be dressed up as Frankenstein or Rapunzel to join the fun! Just watching the kid’s excitement (okay, some of that may be sugar high) makes us all feel young again.

Jim Shore HalloweenWe have a Halloween party at our house every year, mostly centered on the kids and their costumes. It’s been a tradition that helps us all get together to relive and build memories and always one of our favorites. But this year was special. Midway through the evening my daughter Jynifer and her fiancé stole the show by getting married in our living room! In front of all those ghosts and goblins! In full costume! It was a surprise to most everyone (her mom and I knew of course) that shocked and delighted! So now I have a new reason to love Halloween. Like I say, I’m a sentimental guy! God bless the happy couple!

God bless,
Jim Shore