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Happy St. Patrick's Day

There are places that don’t disappoint… that live up to the hype. The Grand Canyon is like that, every bit as beautiful in person as it is in your imagination. And Jackson Hole too, with landscapes and vistas that take your breath away. But for living up to expectations there’s no place like Ireland. It’s scenic like no place on earth, here’s a picture of Jan and me to prove it. But It’s more than just beautiful! It’s interesting, steeped in tradition with a rich history of struggle and triumph. And the people are wonderful, the dear friends I’ve made there will last a lifetime.   It’s everything that inspires me and my art rolled up in one place. Ireland has become my second home, I travel there as often as I can get away and I always find it fascinating. So with that in mind here’s hoping for a fun, safe St Patrick’s Day for all the Irish out there. And of course, everyone’s a little Irish on St Patrick’s Day!