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How Jim Got Started

A lot of people ask me how I got my start. Here’s a short video with the Reader’s Digest version. I should probably make up something a little bit more dramatic, with villains and monsters and maybe a laser sword of two. But until then the real story here will have to do!


by Linwood Hines

(Because I am a pipe smoker) my wife and I collect your Santa’s and Frosty’s that have a pipe – doggoneit because Santa (and Frosty) smoked a pipe, as you know! We display the entire collection each year in our living room at Christmas time.
We buy any new ones each year – and I send links to them to my fellow pipe smoking club members from around the world. We hope that you’ll make more – they are very special to us!
Thanks you!

by Marti Rider

Dear Jim…Words cannot tell how moving your talent and your work is! I have purchased many of your treasures…angels…Bambi…St. Francis and the clock you carved to make a grouping with a shelf off QVC, just to name a few. Last night I couldn’t sleep and of all things it was you and your beautiful works of art on my mind.
My thoughts went to the children’s song I learned over 50 decades ago…“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” An idea came to me of a little girl and a little boy ( seperate carvings) on bended knees holding a glowing candle up towards the heavens with a look of blissful hope on their faces. They could be titled "This little light of mine "-girl. And " This little light of mine "- boy. I don’t know if these would fit into your style or categories, but I have them pictured in my mind and think you could do a most beautiful rendition of each of them. If not, thank you for listening to my vision. Sincerely, Marti Rider

by Christina Distefano

Was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you today. God bless you and your family and your amazing works of art.