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Jim's Blog

Hurricane Watch

It’s not raining at my house yet, but I know it will be soon. And from what they tell me it’ll be coming down in buckets! I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes in my time, and I’ve always survived them more or less unscathed. But there was always a moment of doubt. A moment of fear. That’s never easy to admit, we all want to think of ourselves as fearless in the face of the danger! But when you’re looking at a storm like this one it’s okay to be afraid. In fact, you’d be crazy not to be!

Time’s like this there are things I take comfort in. First my faith, a gift from God that’s always with me, the idea that what’s happening is bigger than me and has His purpose. And on a more worldly note, I take comfort from the people around me. Family, friends and neighbors, even perfect strangers, people who care about and risk themselves for others. You see it all the time in these storms, men in fishing boats on flooded streets rescuing neighbors. People and businesses providing food and water in temporary shelters. And of course police and firefighters, even the National Guard, risking their lives to help people in need. It’s inspiring and encouraging. Like I say, a source of comfort. And come to think of it, those people out there risking themselves for others, they’re a gift from God too! Stay safe everyone!

God bless,
Jim Shore