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Inner Circle

Here's something I’m pretty excited about. This month we’ve kicked off a special program for our Circle of Friends called the Inner Circle and I think it’s something you’ll really like. First off you’ll get the kit I talk about in this video, it’s got exclusive items drawn from this Circle of Friends Woodland Santa design. He’s one of my new favorites, and I think the canvas and tote bag turned out just great. But more than just the kit, being part of the Inner Circle will give us a chance to communicate more directly, share ideas and experiences, and come to know one another better. With that in mind, and as part of our kick off celebration, we’ll be having an online live event direct from my studio on Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm ET. We’ll be talking more about the Inner Circle, take a few questions from viewers, and maybe give a sneak peek at new designs for 2017. I hope you’ll join us, it should be a lot of fun! And I hope you’ll consider joining the Inner Circle of Friends. To submit your questions for our online event on December 14th please post them in the comment box below. Looking forward to it!