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I’m looking forward to our first ever Circle of Friends fireside chat, this Wednesday, December 14th at 8pm ET. We’ll be talking about the new Inner Circle program, a few last minute gift ideas for the season, and maybe give a sneak peek at some new designs for 2017. But what I’m really looking forward to are your questions, the ones you send in before the show. Those are always the best part of these streaming events, a chance to talk with you about your thoughts and ideas. It’s something I’ve missed these last few months, what with my shoulder issues and all and not being able to travel to my signing events. This kind of thing won’t be quite what meeting everyone face to face is… but it will be a close second! That interaction is important to me in a couple of ways. First because so many of you have so many great ideas! It gets my creative juices flowing to hear your thoughts about subject matter or quilting combinations or color palettes. You’d be surprised to hear just how much of my finished art starts out in just that kind of conversation! But also it’s great, and really inspirational for me, to hear how my art becomes a part of people’s lives and families… particularly this time of year. It’s humbling to me to hear how people display my work in their home, and an honor to know they think enough of it to give it to someone they love. Like I say, it’s inspirational, and I can’t wait to hear from you. So please join us Wednesday night, it should be a lot of fun! And don’t forget to send your questions! Just add them below in the comments section... I hope to hear from you.


by Gloria Garza

I’m interested in your larger angels, I have several pieces, also have a large piece of Saint Francis & two with the bird bath. I see that one in the background that is sitting on the floor, don’t have that one, will like to purchase it. How can I get one & some of other larger pieces. Love your work. ♥️
Thank you, gloria

by Lisa


by Pauline Turk

I’d love to see a book with all the pieces you’ve made and the year you did them. Just surfing around, I’ve found some great pieces you did. One is a lovely praying angel bust, and another is a piece with 3 musical angels. Love the new Foghorn Leghorn figure….will Granny be coming soon?