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Jim Shore's Halloween Mantel

My wife Jan is a holiday decorating force of nature! Here’s a short video showing what she’s done to our mantle for Halloween. I love what she’s done with the place!


by Joy Ott

Prior to watching your video [above]. I had purchased on October 5 your Pint Sized Stacked Owl/Mouse + two of your Stacked Pumpkins to decorate our (much smaller) stone fireplace mantel for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have had a health issue for many years, but for the last four have not been able to stand/walk for any length of time. The reason I mention this is because now my caring and loving husband decorates for me. Using your art amongst two 23" lighted trees (Valerie’s on QVC) and two other trees (Martha Stewart’s at Macy’s) plus a few small pumpkins will make it a more enjoyable task for my husband. Your and Jan’s mantel is stunning! Jan does an excellent job of making it very attractive, yet fun! Thank you for sharing your talent through your art, your videos, and your home with your collectors. God bless and protect you and your family always.