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Jim's Cranberry Sauce Recipe

There’s a special magic about Thanksgiving. Some say it’s all about great food. The more high-minded will say it’s about shared memories with family and friends. I'm in the middle and feel strongly both ways! With that in mind here’s a cranberry recipe my mother used to make. And her mother before her. My family has enjoyed it for generations… and I’d like to share it with yours.


by Pat Blair

I have over a dozen of your Christmas items, have given over a dozen to kids and friends- was looking for 2017 Christmas figurines and found you doing your cranberry sauce- will make this for Christmas—Thanks so much and God Bless and Merry Christmas—
Pat B

by Joy Ott

I hope to have my husband make this for our gathering of family this Christmas, 2017. [Due to a health situation over the last 3 1/2 to 4 years, my husband has had to take over all the tasks I normally did and liked to do. However, he always prepared his own recipe for whole cranberries with whole oranges chopped finely together with sugar. Everyone loves it.] Your recipe sounds so special, with all the spices, pineapple, juices, nuts, and wine. I’m ready to try some right now! Thank you for sharing this recipe, special stories about your family and your work, and, of course, all the very special pieces you design and make for us. God bless and protect you and your family in the many days ahead.

by Karen

I am looking forward to trying your cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner. I love your blue and white angels. I have two of them sitting on my kitchen windowsill and I look at them every day. I noticed the blue and white angel behind you on the kitchen counter. That is one of my favorite. I also collect the blue and white Santa’s that you have created I guess you figured I love blue and white. Are you planning on creating more blue and white? Thanks again for all the beautiful artwork.

by Kathy Pianoforte

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy your pieces especially the Angels.I enjoy your ornaments. Keep creating them.

by Sharon Yerkey

I love all my Jim Shore pieces. I think my favorite is my Cinderella pieces. Although, everything is beautiful.

by barbaraj

I have a lot of your angels and thay are so pretty
thank you for making them

by Dawn Riebow

Thank You for sharing your family recipe. I love Christmas nativity and Mickey santas and mini animals and too many too name . Your talent and heart you put into shines like the love you have for your family. God bless you and yours this holidays.

by Carolyn Stovall

Sounds delicious, I’ve got a bunch coming. Thirteen grandchildren, their parents and sweet hearts. I will make this one of our traditions. Thanks Mr Shore. I have lots of your work. I especially like the angels.

by Melanie Ball

Going to try recipe for Christmas when family visiting. Thanks for sharing.

by Connie

Definitely going to try this recipe for 2016 Thanksgiving recipe…looks yummy. Thank you for sharing your recipe!