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Heartwood Creek Birds Figurine
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to learn something new almost every day. I don’t just draw a quilt pattern or rosemaling design or a folk-art scene. I like to research the history behind them, learn the origins, and gain an understanding of the story of whatever it is I’m working on. That’s kind of the fun of it for me! And that more or less applies to everything I create, whether it’s the iconography behind my Around the World collection or the character traits of a particular Disney sidekick, I like to know something about what I’m drawing! And doing the research and learning something new exercises my mind. I like to think it keeps me young!

That’s one of the reasons I love my Bird collection. Not only do I get to draw some of God’s most magnificent and beautiful creations, I take some time to learn a little something about their habitats and behaviors, gain a little background information that helps along the way. Things like Cardinals are one of the few birds that don’t migrate, so you can draw them in most any seasonal setting. Carolina Wrens are small and delicate, but their song is piercing and extremely loud! Purple Martins aren’t just the largest members of the Swallow family, they’re also one of the fastest. Learning and knowing that sort of thing inspires me, and in my mind has a subtle but important impact on the final design. It’s part of the story of my art, something I love to share.