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Lowe's Exclusive Christmas Pieces

One of the advantages I have as an artist is I’m not bogged down with a lot of formal training. I never went to art school, so I never learned the rules. Consequently I use color in a way that most trained artists would find odd. I’m not afraid to put a pink next to an orange next to a purple next to a green. As long as it works. I guess I get that from my Grandmother. She was a quilter who specialized in something called “crazy quilts”, a kind of abstract quilting color fest! They’re a real treat for the eyes, a combination of color and flow I find exciting to look at. Like grandmother, like grandson I guess.

That’s one of the things I like about these new statuary Christmas pieces for Lowe’s. The colors are terrific, the bright reds and blues on Santa, the combination of purple, pinks and deep green on the holy family, the contrasts on Mickey, even the bright yellow of Woodstock on the Snoopy design. Each one is a color feast for the eyes, and together the collection has an energy I love. Check them out exclusively at Lowe’s and let me know what you think.


by Katherine Wright

Hello Mr. Shore,

I bought the 2015 collection Santa oversized ;at Lowe’s. My brother hung a picture over the Fireplace where my Jim Shore Santa holding his tree and my oversized top hat snowman. We used Velcro to hand the picture so U bet you know what happened yep, the picture fell off the wall and took my Santa with it to the tile floor. I was washing dishes and saw it all happen in slow motion when it hit the floor I cried like a 60 year old baby. Is there somewhere out there where I can buy another one and if so do you mind letting me know or your agent letting me.
Thank you
Broken hearted in Texas

by Stephanie stokle

hi jim think your works brilliant Im looking for your jim shore nelson turtle yard decor that lowes use to sell first seen it last year on lowes website have to have one don’t know much about it as Internet takes me to lowes which have stop selling please do you know or anyone else know where I can get one from willing to give a good price been looking on Internet morning noon and nite driving me crazy hope you or anyone else can help me I’m from the UK many thanks x

by Cathy

Dear, Mr Shore,
It is a pleasure to have your artwork in my home.
My late husband was a Santa and I his Mrs. CLAUS. He loved buying me your Santa’s for Christmas. Santa and Mrs. Claus was the last one he purchased for me in 2007. It still brings tears to my eyes.
I buy myself at least one new Santa or a few new ones of yours every year . They are a treasure.
Thank God for you and your wonderful talent, Cathy.

by Carol

My honey saw how much I loved the Santa we saw in Lowe’s and he went back to get it for me for Christmas.
What a wonderful addition to my Christmas decorations.
Thank You for all the beautiful things you do, I just love your work

by Linda Underwood

When I received the email announcing the Porch Greeters, there wasn’t a snowman that I saw or I would have gotten it! I bought the holy family and love it!! The size, the colors, the baby…all exceptionally created and produced. Hope you have the snowman again next year. Lju

by Heather Browning

I have many of your figurines and statues. Loved them for years! I also loved your calendar which I find out is not being produced this year! 2018 won’t be the same for me….no turning over to another beautiful scene for each month!?

by Janice Hunsucker

I just love the peices that we found st Lowe’s this year ! Sorry I missed out on the large snowman. But I did get the holy family Angel, a Santa, Mickey, and Snoopy. The pieces are great. Now all my stairs forChristmas are JS COLLECTABLES! I have your Santa’s Work Shop, Santa w/ sleigh and reindeer, About 8 if your taller pieces, which stay out all year long.A curio full of your Angels. Even the painted box with the five angels in side. And well so many more as well but I think you get the picture, I’m pretty much addicted to your beautiful work! I get so many comments about each piece, it’s gitten to be pretty routine to have to tell about each of them.

by Debby Jindra

Hi Jim! So love your work ! I have been collecting for years and I love them all. I purchased your last years Lowes Santa an also this years Santa an Snoopy. They look so pretty sitting under my Christmas tree. Can’t wait to see what’s new for next year. Hope you an your family have a very merry Christmas.

by Robin Fincher

Hi Jim:I have been collecting your beautiful pieces for many years and my sister,daughter,both granddaughters,Dad and hubby have also received gifts from me resulting in them starting their own collections.This year my 11 y/o granddaughter ask when “Mimi” was going to start giving JS to her-I gave her Dorothy and Wicked Witch pint size from your Wizard of Oz as a birthday present;she was so excited.She will be receiving Tin Man from me and Glinda Good Witch from from her Aunt for Christmas.I have gotten good deals on your QVC segment this year and found a couple at Lowes also.The colors and detail on your pieces are beautiful and reasonably
priced for cellectibles.Keep up the good work!

by Kim

I have 11 grandchildren. The oldest is 15. I started giving each one of them a Jim Shore ornament every year. By the time they are 18, they will each have enough to start their own Jim Shore ornament tree. Also, my tree is decorated in Jim shore ornaments. I am also a quilter, so love how all your pieces have quilts in them. And so far, I do see the purple color in each one, as a remembrance to your grandmother. I would have liked your grandmother I think. I love every one of your pieces. I own probably 40-50 not counting my ornaments. I love them all. Thank you for giving me so much joy in your talent

by Dee

I have given my first grandchild a different angel every year. Now has nine. Will do this until we reach 10Y/O.
My second grandchild is currently collecting Snowmen. Now has seven.
The third grandchild_____________??? Don’t know what to start with. Any ideals?
Jim Shore is our family tradition for the grandchildren. They can’t wait to see which one they will get each year.

by Debbie Bowles

Hey Jim,
My daughter just gifted me with your Lowe’s Santa. He’s beautiful. He’s in my living room with surrounded with small white lights. I didn’t have the heart to put him outside. Thanks for your artistry.