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Margaritaville Collection

One of the great things about my job is that I get paid to imagine stuff. That’s really the cool part, bouncing ideas back and forth and thinking through the possibilities. Visualizing scenes in my head and adding the decorative touches and details that make them my own. Santa in a sleigh, children building a Snowman, an Angel overlooking a Nativity scene. Stimulating images that excite both my heart and mind. Then there’s Disney. Manipulating ideas from my favorite characters and films, adding pattern here or color there, creating something new and different from a familiar scene. It’s great fun and it all happens before pencil ever touches paper. And like I say, I get paid for it!

That’s why I’ve enjoyed my Margaritaville collaboration so much, letting my brain wander over tropical images inspired by some of my favorite music. There’s something just so much fun about a Parrot with a cocktail or a Snowman with a “License to Chill.” And the Santa in Hawaiian shirt always makes me smile. They’re colorful and lighthearted and just the right thing for a landlocked artist who likes to let his mind roam. I’m so grateful the chance to work with Jimmy Buffett and the world he's created came my way. It’s another reason I love my job!


by Dianne Watts

Love the Margaritaville Collection! Available?

by Carol Silchuck

Would very much appreciate if I could order the MArgaritaville SAnta holding Margarita in one hand, guitar/bird in other. Just released yesterday afternoon from hospital. Had total knee replacement surgery. Purchased other 2 – snowman & parrot 2018 margaritaville ornaments last fall at Oak Lawn, IL Hallmark .
If only set is available I will purchase set and give extra 2 as gifts throughout this year. Hallmark ran out of the SAnta before the Holidays. Checked 3 here in Chicago area. Once I left for Xmas Holidays to Phoenix 3 Hallmark’s I frequent were also out.

by Judy Sheldon

I would like to purchase the Margaritaville collection. Please let me know when they are available.