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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is pretty big in my house. It’s a celebration of life and family and traditions passed down from generation to generation. I’ve been thinking of that sort of thing a lot lately in relation to my art. Some of the most inspirational feedback I get is from mothers who find something in my designs that expresses the love they feel for their family. I think that’s because a lot of the images and patterns I use are taken from the art mothers have produced in their homes time out of mind. A quilt isn’t just a quilt. It’s a family heirloom painstakingly created by loving hands. My mom was my role model along those lines. And it’s wonderful to see my daughters doing the same for their kids. Here’s a short video talking about Mother’s Day. Take a look, I think you’ll see there’s a little bit of my mom in everything I do.

God Bless,
Jim Shore