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Mother's Day Greeting 2020

My mother was an artist too. Not that she ever thought of herself as one or earned a living at it, it was more in just how she lived her life. Everything she did, whether it was sewing a quilt or tatting lace or decorating the house or even making lunch she did with her full attention, with the object of making her world a better, more beautiful place. To me that’s the definition of an artist. I owe so much to her, I thank God for her every day. Here’s a short video with more. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! In these strange times let’s keep the ones we love, and the ones who love us, close! 


by Sandi Packard

Hi Jim,

I met you at Wendy’s LPN Graduation. I was one of her instructors. Probably her favorite…..most definitely her most entertaining instructor. I still have my Jim Shore “Nurse” displayed where I can see it everyday. That was such an incredibly thoughtful gift you gave us. I have lost touch with Wendy. Could you possibly give her my email address and ask her to catch me up on her life adventures. To say Wendy will always be one of my favorite students is an understatement! She was smart, caring, and most of all….witty. We share a wicked sense of humor. Last I heard from her, she was in the Rock Hill area.

I hope you are well and taking care of yourself. Hello to your wife and I hope she is also doing well. Love the family photo and you sure have a gaggle of grands!! Tell Wendy we have 10 grands. The more the merrier!!

Take care,
Sandi Packard

by Kathryn Miller

I was just wondering if you were going to do any more of your Disney Tigger Collection , I had a 4 yr old step Daughter pass away and she loved her tigger stuffed animals , I have an older daughter that now collects your tigger in honor of her , she has a lot of tigger pieces that we can find , her Birthday is coming up and I am looking for a new piece , Your work is so Beautiful , My Daughter and I did get to meet with you in PA . Thank you

by Elisabeth Jordan

Just wondering if you are planning on any more Disney Villains like Milan’s villain. Or Rollo from the Hunchback or Mad Madam Mim. ? Sheer Khan? McCleach from Down Under? Pete the original bad guy ? Yes I collect your Disney villains. Love them so much. Love your skill and your beautiful visions. Keep going.