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Mother's Day Memories

Jim Shore RoosterMy mother was an artist too. Not that she ever thought of herself as one or earned a living at it, it was more in just how she lived her life. Everything she did, whether it was sewing a quilt or tatting lace or decorating the house or even making lunch she did with her full attention, with the object of making her world a better, more beautiful place. To me that’s the definition of an artist. I like to think she passed that on to me. I know she tried, she was there for all my creative efforts, good and bad, and never failed in her praise and support, even when it wasn’t deserved!

Very early on, I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, I drew her a rooster for Mother’s Day. She collected roosters, the house was full of them, so I thought she’d like it. And she did, she took on over it for days! So the next year I drew her another. And the year after that. It became our tradition, a new rooster every year for Mother’s Day. It’s a memory I cherish, making something for my mom, knowing she would love it and heap me with praise. It gave me confidence in myself and in my art, a feeling I’ll never forget. When she passed away some years back we found a whole drawer full of them, she’d saved them all. Small gifts to her that she turned into a big gift to me. Thank you mom. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

God Bless,
Jim Shore