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My Christmas Cards

One of the great things about the Christmas season is getting mail you want to read! Most of mine these days is either bills or somebody trying to sell me something. But this time of year is different, and I look forward to getting an annual news brief (or at least a greeting) from friends and family members I don’t see often but always have a place in my heart. I keep that idea in mind when I create my Christmas cards. They’re meant to celebrate the season and the special relationships that make it even more meaningful. For more on my Christmas card collection please take a look, and please let me know what you think.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Miriam Aguayo Hernandez

Love all of your work, thanks for sharing your work with us

by Jack strunk

I love your work old fashioned joy when I see your work I have a 2005 lamp I can’t find any information about it can you help thank you keep it moving

by JoAnn Bromley

I work in a Christmas shop and we sell Jim Shore. Many of my customers ask what the art is made from, so could you please tell me what the sculptures are made from?

by Janet

I just found the beautiful Noah’s ark lamp at a thrift store. It’s missing the two cows on the end of the boat. Any way to replace them? And what is the best way to clean my lamp.

by Alesia Y Joyce

The winter white Santa that you made was absolutely awesome. However I would love to have the African American one. It is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. I see that is was only sold through Dillard’s department store and it is not available at this time. Is there any other way I can purchase it. I keep checking back but it is still unavailable.

by Susie Rupe

I love everything Jim Shore!