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My Favorite Disney Princess

CinderellaEverybody has a favorite Disney Princess, a heartfelt heroine who brings up great memories of summer afternoons in dark theaters. Magical moments filled with laughter, adventure and learning important life lessons when it counts the most. We’ve watched them together and they’ve become part of our shared cultural language. They illustrate the values we admire, the evil we strive to overcome. And they stood the test of time, the stories and characters are as much loved today as they were when I was a kid. Disney Princesses are all wonderful, but like I say, everybody has a favorite!

Growing up I was a big fan of Cinderella, that one came out the year I was born (I’m old) and I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Then came Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Later there was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from Little Mermaid and Jasmine from Aladdin (hard to believe that one came out 25 years ago!). Then Pocahontas, Mulan and Rapunzel… the list of dynamic characters and great stories is amazing! But between you and me, my favorite goes all the way back the beginning. I’ve always loved the first Disney Princess, Snow White. She is everything we admire in a Disney heroine, enchanting children of all ages for over 75 years. And that voice! So that’s my story, I love them all but Snow White is my favorite. Who’s yours?

I love these new Disney Princess designs with the secret charms hidden in drawers. The charms are fun, but to me the really great design feature of these is the drawer! I’m thinking of them as hiding places for a special gift. Not just the cool charm they come with, but maybe something more. A piece of jewelry perhaps… maybe even a ring!

God Bless,
Jim Shore