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My Hero Bill

I’ve had my share of heroes. When I was a kid they were mostly movie stars and baseball players, make believe characters that taught me about winning and losing in broad strokes without a lot of subtlety. I loved what I thought was the biggest and best. I was a huge fan of John Wayne and Gary Cooper. And I lived and died with the Yankee teams that featured Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford. If those folks had flaws I didn’t know about them, and probably wouldn’t have cared. They were my heroes and I wanted to be just like them. Nothing wrong with that I guess, it’s just the way a kid thinks.

Heroes at my age are a trickier thing and I have to say I don’t have many. But with Memorial Day and Father’s Day coming up I have to mention one, my father-in-law Bill. Bill is a genuine war hero, a decorated medic who risked his life saving others in harm’s way. He served with valor in both WWII and Korea. But you’d never know it from talking to him. He’s humble, hard-working man who puts his family and country first. I suppose there are thousands of men out there like Bill, and I hope you have the good fortune to know one of them. Bill’s the one I know. And he’s my hero.

God Bless,



by Linda

I am also a huge John Wayne fan. Would LOVE to see you create him in your artwork..as only you can do! Gary Cooper too!!
I’ll be first in line for these!

Peace, Linda

by Darlin

I can only hope that all of us hold a man such and your Bill and my Dad – Ted – who fought so bravely in such times and did not say no – h***, we won’t go. Different times but we must on this Memorial Day remember and keep them in our minds and hearts. We have them today – military, private and public – all heroes and heroines alike. Love the work – just purchased the America Standing Tall piece. Brought tears to my eyes. Had to explain the significance of some of it to some young people. Glad and honored to be able to do it. Darlin Jean – Greeley, Colorado

by Allan Miller

Jim…Bill is my hero too! Please tell him I miss seeing him and how much Manning and I enjoyed working with he and Kitty to disperse the Lieb collection. I hope he remembers the excitement we all experienced and the discovery of Lieb’s great documents.

My dad served during WWII and received two purple hearts…perhaps Bill was one of the medics that save him!

God bless you, Jan, Bill and the rest of your family,