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My Trips to QVC

I always enjoy my trips to QVC, and love the chance they give me to talk with everyone. Here's a short video with more about that, with maybe a sneak peek at something new.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by kathleen Lanphear

Jim i collect your santas. my husband gets me one every christmas, and i love them all so much.. Thank You for being so talented..

by Angela Hare

Why don’t you ship to Canada? I tried to get something shipped to Nova Scotia and couldn’t do it.
I love Jim Shore.

by Pat

Just got this big Santa in the mail this weekend. Was going to be a gift but I think I might have to keep it. It is beautiful, as a quilter I Love all your designs but this one is do vivid.

by Brenda

I just received my Santa—oh I love him!!!! I can’t wait to get the witch. One thing I would ask is that you make some witches without grave yard scenes as I don’t see the connection. I prefer witch robes. Thank you Jim.

by Noguelamis

Hola en el año 2004, viaje a Carolina del Sur en una tienda ubicada en Hilton head, me encontre una pieza muy especial, " El Arca de Noe", me enamore de esa pieza de tal forma que para mi ha sido mi acompañante y la atesoro como un bien muy preciado, tuve que llevarla en las piernas hasta Miami y de alli a Venezuela, mi pais de origen, todas mis visitas quedaban enamorados de esa arca de Noe, actualmente me residencie en otro pais y nuevamente me acompaña, gracias a la actual tecnologia puedo ver otras piezas y saber donde adquirirlas.Dios bendiga sus manos.

by Kristen Prorak

I watch QVC and never saw Jim Shore on it!!! I missed soooo much! I just found a yellow lab on a box in an app. They wanted over $45+ So I looked up his name. I will not buy that lab off that app. I wish I could have got it when he made it. I own a dog grooming shop and have been rescuing pit bulls for 26 years. I had 6 pit bulls at the time and a lab that was hit by a car and needed over 10k of surgery. He is gone and he was my soulmate dog. shhh dont tell my other dogs. I had up to 8 dogs sleeping under my desk in two big beds and no customer ever knew! If anyone can find that yellow lab box please tell me. I just realized it was my mom’s birthday and after she saw the movie (Midnight in the garden of good and evil) and she went to Savannah, Ga. I found her The bird girl statue & she says it is the best gift she ever got. She puts two birds in each plate. If Jim’s birds look as good as they do on here, I will hit the jackpot!
You really have a talent, Jim!!!

by La Verne

On Q, Xmas in July show I purchased a snowman $79 – I hope I receive the Twas the night before Christmas Ornament. I should, shouldn’t I?

by Cindy Keisling

I am trying to find two stable ornaments that were displayed on each side of the Santa workshop. Each had one reindeer in it. It was out about 5 years ago. How can I ask Jim Shore about them