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New Limited Edition Dragon Design

I’ve always been fascinated by creatures of legend and myth. I think most people are! Who doesn’t love a good Unicorn… or a Phoenix or Minotaur. They excite our minds and fire our imagination. So I had a great time with this new limited edition dragon design. And as you can see in this short video I went all out with it! Take a look and let me know what you think.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Katherine Rhodes

I would love to see the characters from How to train your dragon! Toothless and the Light fury would be a HUGE piece.

by Katie Boehler

So love dragons! Always be a dragon! Could we have a book dragon too?

by Dee

Hi Jim,

Love the dragon and am looking forward to purchasing it.

I was wondering if there’s any plans to complete and add on to the Dickens Christmas Carol? It would be great to have the ghost of Christmas past and the ghost of Christmas future. Another nice addition would be Mrs Cratchit and a dancing Mr/Mrs Fezziwig.

Every year we put this up for Christmas, everyone loves it and they study all the details.

Love your works and anxiously await the new works.


by Sherry

So excited can’t wait for it to be available. I love dragons. Thank you so much Mr. Shore .

by Janet Rentner

I love it, Its an amazing piece of artistry. can’t wait for this one to be available. A Masterpiece. He could do a whole fantasy collection, the possibilities are endless. Thank You Mr. Shore.

by Elizabeth

More fantasy please! Unicorns and dragons and more wolves and brats!

by Lynn Geddie

Please put me at the top of the list! I love dragons, and I am thrilled that you are going to be making them. We have met several times at signings, and I have over 200 of your pieces that I collected for myself and my children. Thank you for making an art piece!

by Jenny Lynn

Truly majestic as only your dragon would be. I love that it’s one of your favorite art pieces too. Keep dreaming Jim Shore. Your dreams are magical.

by Karen Lebrun

Let me know when it’s available. Gorgeous piece!

by KayBeard

Let me know when it’s available and what the price will be
It’s really interesting.

by Cathryn Anderson

Beautiful love

by Shirley Schmidt

Please notify me when its available. Thank you

by Maryann

How much is it

by David Pickrell

I have several pieces of Jim shore from witches Santa’s to snowmen I collect dragons this would be a wonderful piece