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Origins of My Design Style

I often get asked about my inspiration and the origins of my design style. It’s a subject I frankly like talking about, the history and traditions of my art are an important part of what I try to do. Here’s a short video of me talking about my version of rosemaling, the Scandinavian art form based on floral designs. It’s an artistic form I love, and an important element of my work.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Brenda

Please bring back “On The Night Watch.” It was stolen from my storage locker. It was my all time favorite decoration of ANY artist. I would also love the 23” witch with the skull cane. I have a many of your pieces and am thrilled to be on the QVC auto delivery for the 18” Santa, witch, bunny, and patriotic angel. I bought the winter white snowman and love him. More big pieces please!

by Wilma Kennedy

I have a collection and did enjoy giving your Praying Santa with Baby Jesus to my family members and new family member newly married. I love mine. I set it on a cake Pedestal and drape it with a green lace doily and decorate around it. It is just perfect!!!! Everyone in our family enjoys it. I wish you would release this again. I got mine thru QVC. I would love to see an EASTER JESUS OF THE BENEDICTION WITH HIS ARMS UP INVITING US TO COME TO HIM WITH THE CROSS OF THE PASSION BEHIND HIM AND ALL THIS ON A CLOUD I would just love that. MAYBE even a lamb at the foot of the cross with it all behind. Another great visual message would be THREE CROSSES THE BIGGEST IN THE MIDDLE. Another suggestion (a picture saying what happens to those who come to him and those who don"t THE MIDDLE AND RIGHT SIDE CROSS EMPTY AND ONE WITH THE THEIF STILL HANGING ON IT AND A MESSAGE UNDER SAYING "THIS DAY YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE. I HOPE AND PRAY FOR THESE REQUESTS TO BE CONSIDERED. Christians WOULD ALSO ENJOY THEM AT EASTER.

by Carol Criniti

Hi Jim,
Please bring back “On night watch”….. Pumpkin and cat with lantern…..I was not able to buy one…. sold out then retired….. I have a lot of your work…..love all of them. Thank you Jim.

by Cybelle

Great video! I stumbled across your website and found that I had actually bought one of your Ariel figurines (Dreaming Under the Sea) at Disneyworld four years ago. I love your art style and colorful folk designs. The rosemaling is so beautiful and you bring life to these iconic characters. It must be so much fun to make these beautiful pieces every day!