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patriotism-copy-image Like I say in this video, I love history. Particularly American history. It’s personal to me, a source of joy and pride for me and my family. And I’m not alone! I have the good fortune to travel a lot, doing shows and signing events across the country. And with the internet I can stay in touch with people through Facebook and Instagram and chat rooms. So I’m lucky enough to keep in pretty close contact with the people I actually work for. And no matter where I go, and always on the net, people seem to have a favorite patriotic design or theme. They love to talk about it, explore their own thoughts about our history, remembering the courage and sacrifice needed to build a nation from the ground up. I see and hear that spirit all around me, the love of country and a sense of shared purpose and responsibility passed down in families from generation to generation. And I’m not just talking about great acts of heroism! I see it in neighbor helping neighbor, in people coming together for the common good. It’s an American tradition that inspires my art and gives me hope for the future.