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Peanuts Partnership

Peanuts is a tradition in my house, the first thing I look for in the morning paper and must-watch TV whenever it’s on.  The characters, like Snoopy and Woodstock here, are so familiar!  They’re friends who make us laugh, touch our hearts and sometimes make us look in the mirror.  It’s humor with a foundation of decency and good will, a heartfelt look at life that never forgets we’re all in this thing together.  It’s like family, and I love it as a subject for my art.

Here's a short video from my studio with more, including some thoughts about Charles Schulz and a look at a pretty wide range of designs.  And take a closer look at Snoopy and Woodstock!  They’re available right now, exclusively at my Platinum Star retailers.  Platinum Star retailers carry the widest range of my art.


by Juli

Your interpretations of the Peanuts characters really take the stories to a new level. I know this collection has helped me find the perfect gifts for the amazing teachers, scout leaders and generally people who make a difference in our famalies lives so thank you for helping us say thank you over the years! And thank you for posting the button allowing us access to the Platinum Star Retailers listing it helps a lot for people who don’t live near a Platinum Star Retailer to be able to contact them and purchase those exclusive figurines!