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Disney Princess Passion Collection

When you think of a Disney Princess, any Disney Princess, what jumps to mind is a dynamic heroine who touches our hearts with her character and her courage. Those are the big, broad-brush traits they all seem to share. That and a great singing voice! But they’re all different too, with passions that set them apart and give them their own special personality. I think that’s one of the things that makes them so relatable. And why we don’t just admire them, we love them! That’s the inspiration behind my new Princess Passion collection. Take a look to see more, and let me know what you think.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Elizabeth Cassady

Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I have Ariel “Dreaming Under the Sea”, and I had Merida “A Brave Princess”, and they are/were my most favorite decorations in the whole house. When I moved, my Merida statue broke, and it deeply saddened me. I’ve looked all over the internet to buy a replacement only to find out it’s not in production anymore. I was wondering if it’s possible that it or a new design might come out? Brave is my all-time favorite Disney movie, and Merida is my all-time favorite princess.

by Aura Horton

I love all my Jim Shore’s pieces. I will also pass all of them on to my daughter and grand daughters.
As a grandmother with a very special relationship with my grand daughters, I was very happy when the movie Moana came out and it touched me deeply seeing Moana special bond with her grandmother. I can’t find any ornaments or figurines of the two of them. Do you think you might do pieces of them one day (large ones) and an ornament as well?. I’m sure lots of grand mothers would love that

by ML

I love all your pieces. I wish I could afford to buy more. I recently saw your snoopy train set for Christmas. It is nothing short of fantastic! I would also love to have all the Disney princesses. I buy my daughter a snowman every year for her birthday. Mr Shore, you are very talented. Thank you for all your collections

by Casey Godwell

Your work is so incredible and I can’t thank you enough for each and every piece. I would adore to see more Meg from Hercules, Jane from Tarzan and Kida from Atlantis in the princess collections.

by Caitlin Penny

Would love to see Meg and Esmeralda! I keep hoping they’ll appear each new release. I would also love a figurine of Belle in her green dress (it would have been perfect for this collection, but maybe next time).

by Emily Salzwedel

I would love to see a Jasmine one. Could you do it with her and rajaa?

by Helene

Love your Work!
And I would looove if Megara from Hercules became one of them!!

by Caitlin

I’d love for you to make an Esmeralda, Meg, Kida and Jane. I know they’re not technically princesses but they are just as important and inspiring as the official Disney princesses. Sadly these characters are forgotten about though and I know a lot of people myself included would love for these characters to be given some love

by Sharrell Dunn

I would Love to see Ariel, Snow White & Jasmine also. The ones you made are beautiful, as always! Thank you Jim for allowing all of us to enjoy your magnificent pieces😘

by Karen Lebrun

How about a white woodland Ariel? It would go great with the white woodland Snow White.

by Debbie

I would love an esmarelda as I think she’s a great character a princess in heart, also maybe an Elsa and Anna.

by Louise Reeve

It would be lovely to have Ariel, Cinderella, Megara from Hercules, Rapunzel with her shorter hair maybe Esmeralda too thank you Mr shore for your amazing figurines

by Charlotte Holgate

It would be lovely to have a Megara in this series possibly holding the white flower hercules gives her. Or Esmerelda with her tambourine. A beautiful collection thankyou Mr Shore.