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QVC Ornaments

Here’s a little something about Christmas ornaments. I’m a big fan, and what I’ve found over the years is all the best ones have a story. When they come out of the box at there’s always some sort of comment, “We got that at Disneyland” of “Aunt Mary gave us that” or “That came from your Grandmother’s tree.” They become part of a family’s Christmas traditions and add to the ongoing story of the season.

And I love the challenge in creating them, making sure they have every bit of the detail and craftsmanship I put into a full-size piece. I think that makes them special. Take a look and let me know what you think. And note that I’ll be talking about a QVC exclusive or two, including the new 2019 Dated Santa Ornament. I think you’ll really enjoy that one!

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Kylie van Niekerk

My family and I come from South Africa and have fallen in love with the JS collection over the years. Every year, my mother, sister and I add to our collection as a Christmas tradition. It is a wonderful way to celebrate and remember each year when we unbox our decorations for the December holidays!

by Joyce Dawson

Your Santa figurines have been a part of our Christmas holiday tradition for many years. It started with buying one each year from a friend’s store. Since she has closed her business I now shop through Amazon or directly from your shop. I wish we could buy thru QVC but unfortunately they won’t ship to Canada! The quality of your products is always excellent and I promote them to others. Wish I could find some of the older ones but will have to just keep looking. I now own over 30 and will soon have to write them into my will——keep up the good work!

by Angela Griggs

I absolutely love your work. I have quite the collection of your angels. They are so beautiful. I gave my mom and sister the angel with the red cardinals as a symbol of loved ones we lost. Every time the look at her it will remind them that the red cardinals are a gift from heaven from our loved ones. You are truly a great inspiration to our family. God Bless You Jim.

by Jenny Lynn

This year will be about the 5th JS Christmas ornament I will give to my Nephew & his wonderful family. He & his wife are both Animal biologists so they mostly get ornaments with owls & other wonderful critters on them. This year they get the 2019 Santa with the cardinals. It also honors their new daughter too. Thank you Jim. My love of your creativity & talent now extends to my beloved Nephew Patrick, Mikki, Jonathan & Willow !! God Bless you always. =^..^=