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QVC Visit August 2016

Ever wonder what it's like being on QVC?  Here's some behind the scenes looks of my last appearance.  It really is a lot of fun.  I love my job!


by colleen

That was so interesting never saw a anything like that before

by Mary Charney

This was a great insight into what preparations you go through to make your show on QVC. no one else has ever done this. I enjoyed so much. BTW… nice attire.

by Peggy Verry

Well, I’m a bit late seeing this, but it’s fascinating. I always wondered what it would look like from behind the scenes. I love that aspect, like working on a play and seeing it from backstage.
I have loved your artwork for years and have a wide range of favorites including Pelicans, light houses and anything to do with the shore (no pun intended :-). But I also love Peanuts and Disney and Celtic pieces.
I was wondering if you could put a Cairn Terrier on your list of creations for the future? They’re very special, loveable, loyal, fun little dogs who are always smiling and happy; whether they’re chasing squirrels and rabbits out of a yard or sitting with their people watching TV and being pet. Not that I’m prejudiced toward them at all, haha But I’d seriously love to see you create one.
Thank you,

by Charlene

That was awesome! It sure is different “behind the scene”!

by Barb and Keith

Thanks for taking the time to do this video it was very interesting! Love all your art work ! Especially any thing Disney for myself and the peanut’s gang for my husband ! We have been collecting your art work for a few years know. Looking forward to seeing what you have coming along next !

by Landon's Mom

What a treat! It’s so nice to see what goes into a show before we see you! Thank you for the sneak peek and keep them coming!

by Dawn

I know the Hosts have to move things along, but I would love to hear YOU get to talk a little more! Thank you for your beautiful artwork, it has a special place in my home and heart.