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Part of my job as an artist is to create images that connect people, that express their lives, their relationships and their aspirations in a way they can relate to and understand. It’s not easy because everybody’s different! Everyone has their own take on things, their own individual view of the world. That’s where Snoopy comes in. Snoopy is a versatile everyman who plays to ALL life’s special moments, just as comfortable on a baseball diamond or golf course as he is on Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day. He wears his enthusiasms and affection on his sleeve, that may be why we love him so! Here’s a short video about Snoopy and how I use him in my work. Take a look and see some of my new Peanuts designs. I hope you’ll like them.

God Bless,
Jim Shore


by Sharon Costa

Dear Mr. Shore;
I wanted to reach out to you, to let you know that my youngest Grandson, Nathaniel, loves your Peanuts gang/Snoopy statues. Nathaniel is now 13 and has been collecting them for about 6 years and is so excited when he receives one. What makes this story so special, is that Nathaniel has autism and doesn’t seem to relate to many things in this life. However, he loves all of his statues and I try to purchase as they become new on the market. I couldn’t even begin to let you know how many he has. To fit all in his room, his parents have installed shelves on his walls that go all around the room and it’s like a fairyland of the Peanuts Gang! I just wanted to say thank you and may God bless you. Nathaniel’s emotions when he relates to these statues is a blessing for his family to experience. XO

by Patricia Kidd

Dear Mr. Shore,
I had the pleasure of meeting you two times in Tampa, FL in 2013 and 2015. Both times I requested a production of my soulmate and beloved chow chow, Savannah, who passed away in 2012. I remember providing pictures to assist in the production. I still grieve her loss and would love to see her likeness in one of your figurines. I hope you will consider my request. Thank you, Patricia Kidd

by Leslie Sigler

Dear Mr. Shore: I met you once in Santa Rosa, California at a store called the Classic Duck when your beautiful figurines first came out! I must have owned over fifty of your larger figurines and over thirty Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately, we were fire victims of the Northern California firestorm this past October and lost everything in our home. I was hoping you could help me replace some of my favorite items. Thank you for considering. Leslie Sigler