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Jim's Blog

St. Francis

My art can go in a lot of different directions. I find inspiration most everywhere, from Christmas to Angels to flowers and nature to Disney and Peanuts. There’s an emotional spark, a connection in what I try to do and it can take many different forms and cover a lot of different subjects. And I try to take the same approach to all of them, devoting the same amount of time and care in designing a large Santa Claus and Sleigh as I do a small bird or butterfly. That’s part of the fun for me, that interaction I have with the subject and ultimately the people who see and appreciate my work.

But there are subjects that strike a particular chord with me, images and ideas that touch my soul. I’ve always loved the story of St. Francis, a man who turned his back on privilege to better love God, love his neighbor, and change the world. And I’ve always been inspired by the imagery associated with St. Francis, a simple man surrounded by the birds and animals he loved. It’s a scene I’ve used many times in my art through the years, one I find personally moving. He’s an icon of faith and peace that’s especially meaningful to me, now more than ever. Here’s my latest St Francis design, and at 21” tall he’s got some size and scale to really make a statement. Let me know what you think!