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Stars and Stripes Forever

Jim with FlagJuly 4th was a big day at my house. We had a quite the celebration, with hordes of family and friends fueled by great food cooked on the grill and a massive fireworks display after a beautiful South Carolina sunset. As much as I love the festivities surrounding the 4th, I found myself reflecting on the freedoms we enjoy here in America, especially in an election year when passions can run high. And I think we can all agree that the world feels a little crazy right now. We’re bombarded with crisis after calamity that come and go as quickly as the next news cycle. There's a lot going on in the world! It's times like these when the patriotic images of our nation are more important than ever. They remind us of who we are, remind us of the sacrifices and courage of the men and women who came before us. They're powerful symbols that bind us together on good days and bad. That’s really the inspiration behind my Patriotic designs. It’s not just another “brand” I’ve created; it’s what I believe, who I try to be. And it’s about family, it’s how I was raised and what I want to pass on to my kids and grandkids. Of course I use a lot of the standard iconic themes in my Patriotic art, eagles and heroes and Uncle Sam. But I like to have fun with it too! Who can resist a flag­waving Snoopy in a red­-white-­and-­blue­-top hat! And no matter the image, every piece has the signature combination of folk­art elements and motifs I use in my work, quilt patterns and rosemaling designs inspired by traditions that go back to colonial times and before.

Jim Shore Flag FigureThey’re visual reminders of our shared heritage, a unifying spirit, creating something new and valuable based on familiar images celebrating our past. I hear all the time—on the Internet and when I travel—that people have a definite favorite patriotic design. They love to talk about it and explore their own thoughts about our history, remembering the courage and sacrifice needed to build a nation from the ground up. I see and hear that spirit all around me, the love of country and a sense of shared purpose and responsibility passed down in families from generation to generation. And I’m not just talking about great acts of heroism! I see it in neighbor helping neighbor, in people coming together for the common good. It’s an American tradition that inspires my art and gives me hope for the future.

God bless, Jim


by Rita Garrett

Hi Jim. Love your figurines, but I’m not happy with the Rudolph series. There are no longer any bases and the size is not comparable with what it started out. For example, I loved the Bumble & Rudolph Decorating Tree figurine. I purchased it online. But when I put it next to my other ones, the Bumble was very tiny. Looked kind of silly, since he was supposed to be this big, huge abominable snowman. Just thought I would give a little input. Thanks!!

by Ramona

Hi Jim, I love to sew. How about doing something like a sewing machine or a lady sitting at the sewing machine working on a quilt. Love your work.

by Dee

Hi Jim,

I really love all your beautiful artwork, and I was wondering when you’ll be releasing your prototype of Ichabod Crane and Headless Horseman? It’s really beautiful and it would really be a popular piece. I love all the detail and the expression on Ichabod’s face and his horse gunpowder is a credit to your detail.

Disney’s Sleepy Hollow is a Halloween tradition and the humor of Bing Crosby is really great. That’s what makes the characters so funny.

Keep up the great work!!!

by Dee

Hi Jim,

I’m just wondering when you’ll be releasing those wonderful Disney Headless Horseman/Ichabod Crane promo pieces? You really captured the look of terror on Ichabod’s face and the headless horseman—love the horseman holding the semi-smashed pumpkin.

This has to be one of the all-time favorite Disney Halloween stories. Maybe you can add Brom Bones, Katrina and Tilda too!!

I always enjoy your work and creativity, and look forward to more wonderful works. They’re all beautiful.

by Sheila West

Hello Jim – I have several pieces of your work and hope to have more. Please do more Alice in Wonderland pieces. Not just Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, Caterpillar and the cheshire cat. There are so many fabulous characters from the book – the Gryphon (griffon), the Footmen, the Dodo bird, the Dormouse, the Mouse, the March hare, the Walrus, the Mock Turtle and on and on. Could you please do some pieces from the Tenniel sketches. They are incredible, How about a whole series on Alice through the looking glass.

I really enjoy your art, it is magical!

by Dee

Just wondering if your product manager has decided to give the go ahead and release Ichabod Crane & Headless Horseman in the larger size—-maybe Ichabod at 8-9" and the Horseman at 11-12" high. Sell them as a set—and they will be sold out in no time. Hopefully in time for this years Halloween.

Enjoy your work—as always.

by Janet Jordan team april

Hello Jim, I have a very large collection of yours but I’m wondering if you have heard about April the giraffe in up state NY she is about to give birth to a baby soon, several artists are involved with water colors, and sketches, I have some of them already,the one I have is Kelly Bain from Pennsylvania their are several of us watching her on Facebook and I saying like thousands, you can just look up Animal Adventure Park, this is a fairly new park and they are doing wonders. I would like to know if you have ever Done a giraffe or would do one after you check out the Webb site. You’ll see what I mean as to how many people from all over the world are watching, anyway I would buy an April her mate Oliver and the baby if you did a grouping. Please let me know what you think.

by Anna

Hi, Jim! What Santa Around the World ornaments can we expect this year?

by Michelle Gordon

Hi. My daughter wants to make and sell some things at her young entrepreneurs business expo (and possibly Amazon) using your Royal Family (cards) material. I noticed the fabric reads: “Licence is required for any use beyond individual consumption.” Please let us know, what we need to do, if we are going to use this fabric (or can) for resale. Additionally, if we can use it for resale, where can we get more? My daughter won this fabric at a quilting guild show. We are new to all of this and I’m wondering where we can get more material (specifically the large “card” panels. I look forward to hearing from you, since there is no contact info. on fabric, hoping this works. Best, Michelle Gordon writer4kids@cox.net

by Elaine Jae

Hi Jim. I am a fan. I have angels, snowmen and snowladies. I have international Santas and houses. I just bought the Brazilian Santa. I would like you to consider designing a Portuguese Santa. There is a difference. I just bought my neighbor the Spanish Santa. I love all of your collectibles.

by Brittany Marcus

Hey Jim I just saw the dog collection coming up and cannot wait! My question is could there a pug in the near future to add to that collection?