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Thanksgiving is quite a process at our house! I generally start dinner prep Sunday evening and by Tuesday afternoon I’m in the kitchen full time, elbow deep in one dish or another. It’s always great fun and I have no shortage of help! With six kids around and untold grandkids there’s always willing hands ready to stir or grind or wash in exchange for a taste of something right out of the oven. We’ve developed a kind of trivia game to pass the time between chores. Winner gets first taste! It keeps things lively in the kitchen and the answers are always instructive. Abraham Lincoln designated Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Sarah J. Hale, who lobbied six presidents for a Thanksgiving holiday, also wrote the nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb” (bonus points if you know the first lines of that rhyme were the first words ever spoken into a phonograph by Thomas Edison.) The sweet potato is more closely related to Morning Glories than potatoes. That sort of thing.

And for the last 14 years we’ve taken that family tradition to Facebook! The rules are simple, send us your favorite Thanksgiving trivia as a comment to our post Tuesday on my Facebook page. And don’t overthink it! It can be as simple as, “Thanksgiving is usually in November!” We’ll select two random winners from all trivia comments, each winner will receive a signed Harvest Pumpkin with Scene. I figure this is a win/win thing. Two lucky winners get a new signed piece for the holiday. And I get enough trivia ammunition to keep those kids guessing. Can’t wait to hear your trivia! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!