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Jim's Blog


The world is a beautiful place. We can forget that! We get so busy and wrapped up in ourselves that we lose sight of that amazing truth. Sometimes it’s just so simple and obvious we ignore it, other times we’ve seen something so often, it’s just so “normal” to us, that we miss the miracle that’s right in front of us. It doesn’t have to be some Grand Canyon vista or a masterpiece work of art. It can be the view out the back window or the smile on a loved one’s face… or a butterfly.

Talk about a miracle! Born in a cocoon they burst to life with a splash of color and grace that is truly dazzling. They flit from flower to flower spreading pollen and keeping the world in bloom. Truly a wonder of nature, gorgeous in every detail! Yet they’re commonplace, part of our daily lives that we can miss or ignore unless we’re paying attention. That’s the inspiration behind my butterfly collection, transcendent wonder that lives everyday all around us. Like I say, the world is a beautiful place!