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The Magic of Disney
I can get pretty sentimental when it comes to Disney. Just the name brings up great memories of summer afternoons in dark theaters filled with laughter, adventure and learning important life lessons from a cricket or a frog.  We all watched together as classic Disney movies became a part of our shared cultural language. They illustrate the values we admire, the people we love, and the evil we strive to overcome.  And they’ve stood the test of time, the stories and characters are loved today just like they were when we were kids. It’s a real honor to have my art linked with that sort of tradition. I’m very proud of the work I do with Disney, like I say, I can get pretty sentimental.

Of course, my work with Disney is also a lot of fun! I can spend whole weeks drawing Disney’s Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or Pinocchio or the like.  As my granddaughter would say, “How cool is that?!”   And there’s a huge list of great characters and movies I haven’t even done yet! In my mind that’s job security, it’ll take me years to get to them all. I’ve got a lot of “work” ahead!

God bless,
Jim Shore