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Thinking of the Beach...

Today is officially the first full day of summer, so I’m of course thinking of the beach. Over the years it’s been a great source of inspiration, and it’s always been a favorite theme in my work. And I guess I’m not alone! When I travel to events around the country, even landlocked places like West Virginia or Missouri, I always meet plenty of folks with a favorite lighthouse or shell or seaside Angel to be signed. No matter how far away we are, images of the sea seem to reach out to us.

I have a couple of my own special theories as to why that might be. One you might say is based on tradition. As Americans our ancestors all came across the sea one way or another. Our earliest history is deeply connected to it, images of the ocean with lighthouses and sailing ships, and even mermaids and whales, are important links to our past. It’s a shared heritage. But there may be a simpler, more straight-forward reason. It sounds obvious, but I think we love the sea because it’s beautiful. No need to over think this! We have a God given gift to appreciate the beauty we see. Some gifts are just meant to be enjoyed!

God Bless,
Jim Shore