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Valentine's Day

True story, I once gave my wife Jan an ironing board for Valentine’s Day. A hand-held vac for Christmas. Probably the worst was when I gave her, literally, “the kitchen sink” for her birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as romantic as the next guy. I'm an artist after all! But when it came to gifts that expressed my heartfelt love for my wife and life partner I would always try to incorporate something I found humorous or amusing. Big mistake! I get in trouble when I try to be funny! So I’ve found for occasions like Valentine’s Day, it’s always best to stick with the basics. No “creative” gestures or inside jokes. Just chocolates, roses or candlelit dinners. It’s safer that way! And more importantly it gets the meaning across. And if I want to add something fun or whimsical there’s always Disney! Or Snoopy here! He’s a romantic devil if ever there was one. Either way you can’t go wrong. Humorous and light-hearted but the sentiment is always crystal clear. Take it from a romantic who’s made his share mistakes along the way.

God bless,
Jim Shore