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Winter Wonderland Collection

I love every single piece in my line. It wouldn’t be there otherwise. But I have to admit some pieces are special, they just seem to “work.” I get a lot of comments about those special designs and I love to hear that feedback. Over the years I’ve heard a lot about The Real Meaning of Christmas piece, the Santa praying over the Baby Jesus. It’s a real touchstone, an image people want to talk about. And I’ve heard a lot about some of the new Peanuts with all the pageant characters, and Disney is always a great conversation starter. Everyone’s got a favorite Disney character (or two!). That buzz is exciting for me. As an artist there’s no better feeling than to know people feel a connection to my work and want to talk about it. One collection I’ve heard a lot about lately is this Winter Wonderland group. Folks seem to love the accents of glitter. I do too! Reminds me of the decorations my grandmother used to make. She used to let me help with the glue and glitter, that always led to a very festive mess! And these pieces have a real Victorian feel, an element of nostalgia and shared history we all seem to relate to. Even the different facial expressions seem to work just right. For me these pieces just seem to shout out Merry Christmas! What do you think?

God Bless,
Jim Shore