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St. Patrick's Day Figurine
There are places in this world that don’t disappoint. The Grand Canyon is like that, every bit as beautiful in person as it is in your imagination. And Jackson Hole too, with landscapes and vistas that take your breath away. But for living up to expectations, in my mind there’s no place like Ireland. It’s scenic like nowhere on earth with stunning views everywhere you look. But it’s more than just beautiful! It’s interesting too, steeped in traditions with a rich history of struggle and triumph. And the people are wonderful, the dear friends I’ve met and made there will last a lifetime. With that combination of beauty, tradition and wonderful people, Ireland has everything that inspires me and my art.

And it’s become my second home, Jan and I go as often as we can. We’re there every New Year for sure, leaving right after Christmas with the family. I use that time to more or less rewind, it’s a decompressor after the hustle and bustle of holidays and all that leads up to them. But I don’t let that stop me from working! Did I mention that Ireland inspires me? Some of my favorites were created there, including my collection of St Patrick’s Day designs. They range from Gnomes and Leprechauns to Angels, and Santa with Snoopy to Disney’s Mickey Mouse. And they include iconic elements inspired by my love of the place, including Celtic Knots, Claddagh, Shamrocks, and Irish Chain quilt patterns. Take a look and let me know what you think… it’s my personal tribute to the Emerald Isle. In the meantime, Beannachtai na Feila Padraig oraibh. Or as we say in English, Happy St Patrick’s Day!