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Pint Sized Duck Holding Egg

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

SKU: 4056943
  • Pint Sized Duck Holding Egg
  • Pint Sized Duck Holding Egg
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Shore's optimistic color palette and traditional folk art designs give this piece a whimsical quality that will brighten any room. Which came first? We're not sure – but we are sure that they're both pretty darn cute.

  • Introduced June 2016
  • "Which Came First?" figurine from the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collection
  • Combines traditional themes with folk art designs
  • This item come packaged in one piece Styrofoam block for protection in shipping. Does not include box.
  • Captures a duck in beautiful hand-painted detail handcrafted in stone resin
  • 5-inch height (12.7 cm)