I love animals. At any given time there’s bunch of pets around the house… dogs, cats and every now and then a rodent or arthropod or two. Each one has its own personality and unique way about them. And I’m blessed with a large enough house and a big enough yard so that they can pretty much roam free, I get to see them in a close to natural state, or as close to natural as a Chihuahua can get! They’ve added so much to our lives and family over the years, companions through thick and thin, not only for Jan and me but for the kids and now the grandkids. I can’t imagine our home without them, they’re part of the family!

So it’s hard when they leave us, it takes some joy from our lives, leaves a hole that takes a while to heal. In those times it’s important to remember the happy moments they gave us, the love and friendship they brought us, and the hope we’ll be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge. That’s the inspiration behind my Rainbow Bridge collection… designs that evoke memories of beloved pets with a color palette and imagery that focuses the good times, both in the past and those to come. It’s a collection that holds a special place in my heart, a real labor of love I hope touches your heart as well.